Turkey is the one that connects Europe to Asia. Turkey is rich in culture and civilization. Its rich civilization has tied the lands of Anatolia for centuries.

Anatolia has its own history. It is well known as the earliest agreement. It kept on growing as various tribes migrated here. A large cultural heritage was accumulated in Anatolia.


Ephesus Kusadasi Anatolia Turkey

Ankara is the capital of Turkey. Ankara founded a self-governing government with Turkish Republic in 1923. The Bosporus and the Dardanelles are the bridges that connect the lands of this region.


Ankara Turkey

In the west of the Turkey Greece and Bulgaria are present. In east Armenia and Azerbaijan are present whereas Iraq, Iran and Syria are present in the south. So Turkey is surrounded by a lot of neighbors. Turkey is the member of many international organizations like, the Council of Europe, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, the United Nations, and the Organization of the Islamic Conference. It seems like Turkey is growing at rapid pace.

Turkey has wide range of assets in every corner of the country. It has also diversity in climate. You will find different climates in different areas of Turkey.


Turkey Climates

Turkey is full of historical monuments and cultural heritage; you can call Turkey as an open air museum. In Anatolia you will find a lot of historical sites. Çatalhöyük is one of the amazing ancient places to visit. You will find the visible marks of history at this place.


Open Air Museum Goreme Turkey

Turkey is located in the middle of the European, Asian and African continents. It has diverse geographical features like mountains, plains, seas, caves, forests and many other beauties. All types of sports are found in Turkey. People of Turkey are fond of outdoor games.

Anatolia has preserved diverse religious cultures. It has seven holy churches.

Turkish cuisine is one of the most precious and miscellaneous treasure. It offers variety of flavors to the people of the world that differs in taste.


Belgrad Forest Istanbul Turkey

Turkey has one more special thing that is their music. In every province, you will see the entertainment, which has the combination of music, dance and their culture.



As Turkey is present in the mid of the three continents, it provides fast transportation. You can also enter inside Turkey via highway through its neighboring countries which are present in Asia and Europe.